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Artist Spotlight

Need inspirations for your Mela? Here are some artists you can comission ^^

My name is Alexus and I create faceups on BJDs. I also share an Instagram, @awietyalexusart, and Etsy with my mother. My mother sews clothing for BJDs and other dolls and I take photos for her, along with doing the faceups for the doll models.
Photo by @Katharynthethird on Instagram

Sam Szczesny-Dale of Nocturne Doll Studio established her ball jointed doll customizing services in 2013. She offers a wide variety of commissionable services, including faceups, tattoos, modifications, and custom resin eyes.

Hello, I am Florence G. Not so much to say ^^, I'm just a sweet fantasy makeupper.

You can see my work on my website and on socials below.

My name is Marta and I do face-ups under name Willow Dolls on Instagram. I've been painting dolls since 2018.
I treat painting as meditation and breathing.

Artist Spotlight: Testimonials
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