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I am Merve, a.k.a. MerviaArt Dolls and I am an artist who was born in Turkey but living in Warsaw, Poland.

Since childhood I have been into arts and crafts which leads me few failures about educational choices in high school that I just could not find a fit for myself. I took a bullet and enter some talent exams for the University and lucikly got in Art Education Department in Bursa, Turkey. In 2011 I took my first step to Poland with student exchange program and that was the time I knew everything was about to change. In 2012 I come back to Poland for a study and got my Master's degree in Art. Few years later I found myself packing for a permanent movement to Warsaw to exchange vows with the love of my life.

Since 2015 I am trying to find my own artistic path. The only problem was that neither society neither social media platforms was telling me that I am not the type they are interested in. They all wanted someone who will do one job, and I am eternally hungry for learning new stuff and trying new techniques. I like to draw, paint, sing, play instruments, crochet, sculpt, sew etc. anything involves being creative in shortcut. I have been told I should do one thing and be good at it and any time I tried to do one thing I had struggled because If I just paint I missed doing other stuff...

At the end everything I tried lead me to crocheting dolls in 2017 and made me realize how much I love customizing them! One day I typed 'customizing dolls' on the internet and my life changed. I started doing doll repaints and I discovered ball jointed dolls. When I first visited Dolly Day in Barcelona in 2018 I fall in love with all the artist ball jointed dolls so my collecting bjd adventure started.
The doll hobby is the longest hobby I kept in my life as I was free to perform many techniques. I could draw, I could paint, I could craft doll wigs and sew outfits.

In 2019 I added one more technique to my hobby which is sculpting when I decided to take an art doll making course in Warsaw. October 2019 Mela was born in her ribbon jointed art doll form thanks to dear "Trina Art" (Eternal thanks Kasia). So since then I dedicated myself to turn Mela into ball jointed doll. She is here to bring love, care and acceptance we all need.

She is here to be there for you when you need.

I truly hope you enjoy her artistic ball jointed doll form.

From bottom of our hearts.

Merve & Mela

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