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Born 10/2019

Mela is a little Martian used to live happily in Mars. Until the unfortunate day where everyone found themselves stuck in the Earth, far far away from home. Even though Mela tried to go back, the road to Mars was blocked. She lost everything. All of her friends, pets and her belongings... But she did not lost one thing- HOPE

The first thing Mela wanted to try was checking if she can visit the Moon. I probably should mention that many of the Martians are special Moon Goddesses. Mela is the Hope Goddess. She grabbed her special gemstone and... There she is! She is on the Moon. But something is wrong. There is nobody left on the Moon. Where were her friends? That was the time when she realized she needs to start discovering Earth to find her friends...

Do you wonder why Mela and her friends have the third eye? Their third eye has much deeper meaning then just being awake. Mela and her friends have too deep connections for each other (not just for each other but for every living being) and they can't imagine a life without caring and protecting each other. That's why even if they are distracted by beautiful nature or sleeping, their third eye will always be open to protect others. So if you are planing to adopt Mela or one of her friends, you can be sure they will always be there to protect and love you.

Mela: Meet the Team
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