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Virtuous Ten Studio License [Latest-2022]




apk files and also creates completely new applications that can be used on any Android device without rooting them. For this topic I will be using VTS version 1.2. 1. Installing VTS - Download the latest version (3.x) for Windows, Mac or Linux. 2. Extract the zip file. 3. Run the.exe file. It will automatically install a tool called Android Studio. Make sure you are on the correct folder and then press Next to start installing. 4. Accept the license agreement and it will install the application. 5. Now you can install any application to your Android device using the application you just downloaded. Open the application and run the installer. 6. Now you have to grant root access to VTS. VTS requires root privileges, it needs to install the necessary tools. Do this in a separate Terminal window by typing the following: android-su password: vts 7. Hit Enter and the application will reboot, giving you the chance to input the root password. 8. Make sure you type in the password correctly, otherwise VTS will not work. 9. Now you have successfully granted VTS root access. You can delete the lines you added to /data/local/tmp/android_shell.txt, but you should note that this file can easily be recreated and might break VTS. 10. You can run VTS on your desktop by extracting the application again and running the.bat file in the main folder. 11. Now you can launch it from Android Studio, the same way you installed it. 12. The program should be installed successfully and you should see a message at the bottom of the Android Studio window. You can now launch it by pressing the VTS button in the bottom left corner. 13. For the final step we will look at using VTS to create an app for an android emulator. As an example we will be using the x86 emulator. First, we need to find the path to the x86 emulator folder. You can do this by running the following command in the terminal: emulator -list-avds After a couple of seconds, you should see the x86 emulator as an available Android Virtual Device. 14. Now we need to add the device in VTS. Go to Menu -> Devices. You should see a list of connected




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Virtuous Ten Studio License [Latest-2022]

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