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IMPORTANT! THERE IS ONLY 1 PASTEL YELLOW POCKET MELA IN STOCK. THERE ARE 2 VARIATIONS IN THIS LISTING: KIT AND FULL DOLL FOR EACH DOLL. IF MORE THAN 1 PEOPLE BUY AT THE SAME TIME MULTIPLE OPTIONS I WILL NEED TO CANCEL ONE OF THE ORDER. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.This listing is for the kit or full doll version of Pastel Yellow Pocket Mela with sleepy face plate that is 3D resin printed with Plant Based resin. If you choose the option "kit" the doll will come not stringed or sueded but semi-sanded. Each kit comes with elastic strings and magnets for the assembly. If you choose "full doll" the doll will come fully stringed and sueded.Pocket Mela is the 1/6 version of the original Mela. (27.5 cm)All the Pocket Melas are 3D resin printed at my home studio.Shipping every Monday! (Exceptional early shipping may happen. You will be informed in case of a delay)WARNINGS

I use two types of 3D resin for pocket Mela; standard and plant based eco resin. While their quality remains the same, plant based resin is more environmental conscious and gives more color choices that suits to my artistic vision. They cost a bit more than standard resin but they are not as toxic and have less odor which makes my work easier and more safe. Due to availability of these types of resin in my country color and price of each Mela will change so if you like this color I suggest you dont wait as I might not be able to offer it again.

Due to nature of the material the joints where the resin parts rub against each other will leave white dust marks which are easy to wipe with a damp paper or cloth. Please be extra careful not to be harsh while moving joints as it is possible to cause permanent scratches. If you want to reduce dust marks and bought a kit pocket Mela, I would suggest you to hot glue suede your pocket Mela's joints. Full dolls comes hot glue sueded already however even sueding doesn't guarantee that you won't have any scratches at all but it will definitely reduce the amount you will have.

If you purchase a kit please remember that sometimes it is needed to sand inside of hands to fit to the magnetic hand joints. It does not happen all the time but if this is something you do not want to work on I would suggest you buy the full doll version^^Majority of the items comes in this box from 'S' hooks to the stickers and certificates are handmade & home produced- which means they are imperfectly perfect and by getting a pocket Mela you are giving me and my art a huge support! Thank you!

Pocket Mela+Sleepy Face - Pastel Yellow (Plant Based Resin) -KIT / FULL DOLL

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