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This listing is for the Night Skin Mela that is resin cast and she is in her original 1/4 scale. She comes with Sleepy face plate and limited Human face plate and she comes with 3 pairs of hands by default.
She is in stock so there is no wait time for production.


Please keep in mind your Mela does not have seamlines but Night Skin is a special color that needs more forgiving as you might see some sanding marks around. You can make the sanding marks less visible by applying very small amount of wax with a soft fabric.

If you need a layaway, please select 'manual payment' during checkout and type your layaway prefence in the box (2 or 3 parts). After receiving your order I will send your first Paypal invoice in 24H.

1/4 Resin Cast Mela - Night Skin (with Sleepy and Limited Human face plate)

  • Mela is a little Martian girl with 3 eyes sculpted by MerviaArt Dolls. She measures 36.5 cm and only available with flat feet due to her special condition on her feet. She has a big toe joint (hallux) Therefore she enjoys freedom for her feet where she prefers wear open toe sandals or no shoes at all. But she will never say no to trying other type of shoes!

    You can get Mela in Moon Skin, Sun Skin, Ocean Skin, Lavender, Forest Skin, Fire Skin, Rock Skin, Night Skin*

    Night Skin is the darkest color that I am offering upon request from some of you dear followers. There will be no seam lines but few scratch marks are expected from sanding the doll. They are easy to cover with sealents or blushings. Please choose this skin color only if you are forgiving to it's imperfections. 

    Please visit my gallery to see more photos of the skin colors and her poses.

    Deposit Payment for Layaway: 160€ (non refundable)

    Included in the set :

    • Complete Mela doll, stringed and sanded, without faceup.
    • 3 pair of magnetic hands; Default Hands, Apana Mudra (Meditation Hands) and Grab Hands
    • Special certificate of authenticity illustrated and designed by the artist as a Tarot/Oracle card. Each certificate is unique to the skin color you choose and will come with a unique different positive affirmation special for you.
    • Specially designed box,
    • Galaxy themed pillow to wrap Mela on the way to you so she can feel home already!

    Extra purchase option :

    • Magnetic Sleepy Face plate

    Measurements :

    • Height : 36.5cm
    • Head circumference : 14cm
    • Neck circumference : 5cm
    • Chest circumference : 14cm
    • Waist circumference : 12cm
    • Hips circumference : 21cm
    • Leg lenght : 17.5cm
    • Arm lenght : 10cm
    • Eyes size : 12mm
    • Foot size : lenght 5.5cm – width 2.2cm

    Actual colors may vary from the colors shown on your screen.

    3 or 4 months layaway is available!
    If you want to order your doll with layaway, please select the "manual payment" option during checkout. Write how many months you need in the layaway preference box. In 48H I will be sending you a PayPal invoice requesting the deposit payment. You must pay your deposit in 3 business days or your order will be cancelled. Please place your order with your active e-mail as I will be using the e-mail address you used for placing your order to request the deposit payment.

    Thank you for your interest!

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