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Mela is Here! 👁️

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Mela was created as a ribbon jointed art doll in October 2019.

As a passionate BJD collector I had a dream to turn Mela into ball jointed doll form since then. It was a long journey and I had a lot to learn but finally I did it. Here is Mela in her fully jointed form. With 24 points of articulation.

I have used both traditional and 3D technology to create her final form. As Mela originally is hand sculpted It was a challenge for me to create the exact same features in digital form. First Mela's face sculpt has been scanned with special 3D scanners. Needles to say, the file I have received from the scanner was not the best. :) Uneven surfaces, unnecessary textures and lots and lots of corrections to make on the mesh... It took quite sometime for me to feel comfortable with digital sculpting process however with a little extra effort it was possible.

Mela's first prototypes has been printed with resin at the end of 2020.(What a year it was!) I used special resin mixtures to make the doll sturdier. The biggest difference between resin cast dolls and 3D resin printed dolls I can say that 3D resin prints are heavier. (Of course comparing to other 1/4 scale dolls)

Mela is currently on her way to the casting company to be casted in polyurethane resin. :) Her preorder will begin on 1st March 2021 to the end of month (31.03.2021) or until all slots are taken. (Number of dolls available is limited) Mela hopes to find new loving homes soon.

Would you like to bring one home? 👁️

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